Vladimir Fechyk Biography

Artist Vladimir Fechyk

Vladimir Fechyk

Born 1970
Birthplace Muckachevo, Ukraine
Home Prague, Czech Rep
Style Impressionist

Like so many of the eastern European artists exhibited at the Roger Yost Gallery, this Ukraine native was enrolled at an early age at the Children’s School of Art in his home town of Mukachevo.

At 15, he was enrolled in the Ukraine’s State School of Art in Charkov, which was established for the most talented pupils.  Among those, he achieved the highest grades for technical and artistic skills.

After graduation he returned to teach at the Children’s School.

At the age of 22 he migrated to Prague in the Czech Republic, where the early stirrings of a free, artistic culture were emerging, and most of his impressionist work depicts life in the City of Spires.

Fechyk is married with a daughter, and studies eastern philosophy, especially those relating to the cultures of India.