Claudio Simonetti

Claudio Simonetti

Birthplace Rome, Italy
Born 1929

Claudio Simonetti, born in Rome in 1929, was one of Italy’s greatest painters in the 20th Century. He possessed a masterful ability to capture the light and reflections of the Italian landscape and sea.

From the enchanting canals in Venice to the alluring Amalfi coastal views, Simonetti captured and captivated collectors worldwide with the depth and romance expressed in each of his paintings.

Claudio’s art allows one to keep Italy with you all year round, in the little jewels he brought to canvas when painting 'plein-air' in all of the beautiful sites to which he traveled.

"I traveled to recapture the beauty that I would otherwise forget, so I can once again experience a small moment in time," he explained after retiring from painting at age 90. "To surround my larger paintings with the emotions of my small paintings is to capture both of my worlds and make them one."