Jim Warren

Jim Warren Biography

Jim Warren

Jim Warren

Born Nov. 24, 1949
Birthplace Long Beach, California
Home Clearwater, Florida
Style Surreal

Jim Warren is one of the most successful and versatile artists in the world today.  Even if you are not familiar with the name, chances are you have seen his art in some form at some time.

From the wild and whimsical to the sweet and sensuous, Warren has been painting his way into the hearts and minds of people the world over for more than 40 years.

Born and raised in Long Beach, California, Jim knew at age 7 he wanted to be a painter. However it would be several years before a pivotal event helped shape the developing, self-taught artist's career: the day he picked up an issue of Life magazine and discovered Salvador Dali.

Looking at Dali's paintings in Life, Jim realized his own art could be anything he wanted it to be, and while influenced by Dali, Rockwell, Warhol, Rembrandt, Magritte, Peter Max and others, he set out to further develop his own unique style of painting.

His work has been featured on large outdoor murals, billboards, hundreds of movie posters and book, record and magazine covers, most notably the Grammy Award Winning album cover he painted for Bob Seger's Against the Wind in 1981. He created additional paintings for Alice Cooper and Prince.

“Although Mother Nature is my favorite art director,” Warren says, “I do take artistic license to create environments of my own."

The Roger Yost Gallery features Warren’s limited edition giclees from the Disney Fine Art Legacy Collection--some with a surreal touch.

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