Jason Morgan

Jason Morgan

Birthplace England
Home England
Style Photo Realism

I don't know why I have this all encompassing desire to paint be a wildlife artist.... perhaps I will never know, but when I am painting, then nothing else exists.

I am right back at the scene where I first saw my subject.

Back with the lions of the dry savannah of Savuti or the elephants in the lush vegetation of the Okavango Delta...... It's almost as if time stands still as I relive my memories through painting....

I strive to paint wildlife as accurately as I can, so where possible I like to see the animals in their natural environment, and this has, of course, lead to some very exciting journeys and experiences.

For some you need more nerve than others. ha.............Such as standing only 30 foot away from a female elephant in moonlight, sitting in an open sided jeep with a pride of lions just 10 feet away, or even fishing waist high in the Okavango Delta.

It's these exhilarating and very personal experiences that I believe help me so much in my portrayal of wildlife in it's natural environment. It's the hidden things that you can truly only experience by being there in person.

My love of animals has been there for as long as I can remember, along with my desire to draw and paint, so looking back it now seems inevitable that I would become a wildlife artist.
I, like many, wildlife artists, am involved with conservation. It seems so common these days that a wildlife artist is involved in conservation that it has almost become a cliché, and sometimes I hesitate to mention my own involvement, but conservation does need to be brought to the public attention and the more that become involved the better for the wildlife.

To date my involvement has been with two organizations - both excellent in their own right - the AWF (African Wildlife Foundation) and the DFGF gorilla fund.