About Hebi Art

Owners Theresa and Daryl Wong share a passion for Asian and other ancient art, as well as a thoroughly modern design sensibility. Yet when they wanted to decorate their new home in the San Francisco Bay Area, they were disappointed in the prevailing aesthetic of the US market. Fortunately, Theresa had been raised in Beijing, where she had been exposed to a wide variety of art forms and millennia-old craft techniques. She knew there was a better alternative.

"The items we found were either traditional, high-priced antiques that weren't compatible with our modern aesthetic, or unsophisticated pieces that completely ignored the roots of Chinese art. We realized that there was clearly a market for a new type of home decor: one that reflected creative innovation and bold technique, but that also honored the best artistic traditions of ancient cultures."

That is how the idea of Hebi Arts was born and why its motto is Transcending the Traditional. To launch their company, the Wongs lined up resources on both sides of the Pacific, focusing on the importance of collaboration. They worked directly with designers and master artisans here and abroad to create exclusive lines of wall art, sculpture, home accessories and accent furniture.

Today, through an artistic amalgam of contemporary designs, venerable aesthetics, fine craftsmanship and undeniable elegance, Hebi Arts provides the means for discerning individuals to artistically distinguish their modern homes. Featured are museum-quality art pieces both highly collectible and attainably priced. Interior designers and specialty retailers purchase directly from the company, primarily as the result of introductions at major trade shows throughout the United States.

Hebi Arts rapidly became recognized as a unique source for interior designers. In fact, they won an award for their debut exhibit in San Francisco and gained admission in their first year to the prestigious New York International Gift Show. Soon thereafter, they added Gump's and Neiman Marcus to their growing list of distinguished retailers.