Emanuel Mattini Biography

Emanuel Mattini

Born 1966
Birthplace Shiraz, Iran
Home Atlanta, GA
Style Modernist, Abstract

This Iranian-born, American educated artist, paints collages almost exclusively “en series,” which creates a rational framework for the unfolding of infinite variations on any given theme.  The orchestral theme featured in his exhibit at The Roger Yost Gallery, reveals a sense of space and color that are unique in their balanced sense of disorder.

The roots of his imagery can be traced to the contributions of Braque, Carra, Gorky and Rauschenberg.  But he transcends their art with new visions of design, and a more sensuous, grandiloquent, operatic presence. Color is the striking feature of Mattini’s works, which are historical testimonies to the art of collage, yet unburdened by borrowing, as Mattini traverses the spectrum of modernist expressions.