Jesus Villaflor Bacci

Jesus Bacci

Born 1952
Birthplace Lima, Peru
Style Landscape Art

Bacci is one of a group of extraordinary landscape painters that emerged during the last decade in Peru, which had been traditionally a country of figure painters dating back to the Cuzco School of painting in the 17th century.

But a movement, probably commanded by Bamse Antunez de Mayolo, commenced in the 1970's. This group began painting their local surroundings so successfully they generated a demand that allowed them to travel and generalized the subject.

Bacci came to Lima to study painting in the famous School of Arts of Lima in 1969. He graduated with the highest honors from the school, and became well known for his defense of traditional landscape art, that caused him to consider dropping out of the school several times. Despite such difficult times, the demand for his paintings increased and he prospered, becoming one of the best known in the genre.