Andrew Atroshenko Biography

Andrew Atroshenko Bio Picture

Artist Andrew Atroshenko

Born 1965
Birthplace Pokrovsk, Russia
Home St. Petersburg, Russia
Style Romantic Impressionist

Born in 1965 in the City of Pokrovsk, Russia, Andrew became part of a gifted child program at the Children’s Art School there, and was later accepted at the St. Petersburg Academy of Art, one of the world’s most prestigious art schools.

In 1999 Andrew spent the entire year in the U.S.  He was invited by “Bay Arts,” a New England based group, to take part in their exhibitions and activities.

According to Andrew, “The year in America gave me more as an artist then all eight years of my formal studies.” After seeing Royo and Pino at Art Expo 2000 in New York, he chose the direction his art would take.

Since then, Andrew has worked with dealers from Western Europe and the US, exhibiting and selling his paintings in galleries in Carmel, Scottsdale, Palm Desert, Las Vegas, Hawaii and Oregon.